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Colon, Rectal & Anal Disorders

DHI offers less invasive treatments for colon, rectal and anal conditions.

The Digestive Health Institute at AdventHealth Tampa is one of the region’s foremost centers for diagnosing and treating conditions of the colon, rectum and anus. DHI has board-certified physicians and surgeons who specialize in treating colon, rectal and anal cancer, as well as Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, diverticulitis, fecal incontinence and other pelvic floor disorders, hemorrhoids, fistulas and more. They are experts in using minimally invasive surgery that involves only a few small incisions to treat these conditions.

This area of DHI is led by Dr. Allen Chudzinski, a Harvard-trained colon and rectal surgeon who has built a reputation for above-average robotic and laparoscopic surgical outcomes. The DHI colon and rectal surgeons, Dr. Chudzinski and Dr. Haane Massarotti, are board-certified in both general surgery and colon and rectal surgery. However, they focus solely on the surgical treatment of colon, rectal and anal conditions. That means they have the experience of performing thousands of most of the surgical procedures they provide. This experience drives better results for patients.

Minimally invasive colon and rectal surgery

Dr. Chudzinski and Dr. Massarotti offer minimally invasive surgical options for both cancer and non-cancerous conditions. These less invasive procedures require only a few small incisions rather than a large cut in the abdomen. As much as possible, they spare patients the need for permanent colostomies. They offer J-pouch and sphincter-preserving procedures so waste can exit the body the same way it did prior to surgery, allowing patients with rectal and anal conditions to maintain normal function.

Treatment for colorectal and anal cancers

Surgical treatment for colon, rectal and anal cancers is one of DHI’s specialty areas. We offer fast-tracked appointments for patients who have received a cancer diagnosis and want to meet with one of our surgeons for a first or second opinion. Our surgeons will meet with these patients within 5 business days or sooner.

Colorectal cancer screening

Everyone 45 or older (and in some cases, younger) needs regular colonoscopy. These cancer screenings – that can prevent cancer by removing precancerous colon polyps – are also offered by our colorectal surgeons.

If you have a condition of the colon, rectum or anus and would like to explore minimally invasive treatment options, call the Digestive Health Institute at (813) 615-7557 to make an appointment.



At DHI, we know that after being diagnosed with cancer, patients want and often need to begin treatment quickly. So we make it a priority to offer appointments for cancer surgery consultations within 5 business days, and often earlier. Our surgeons will make themselves available to see you right away, even for a second opinion.

Patients who are newly diagnosed with cancer, or have just found out they have cancer recurrence, qualify for this priority access. Our surgeons will make themselves available to see you right away, even for a second opinion. We want to help you start your treatment as soon as possible.

If you have been diagnosed with a cancer of the digestive system, don’t wait.
Call the Digestive Health Institute at (813) 615-7440.

Learn more about our Surgical Cancer Care program.

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