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Esophageal Surgery

Esophagectomy: Removing a Portion of the Esophagus to Treat Cancer

Sometimes the best treatment for esophageal tumors is esophagectomy. With this procedure, some of the esophagus is removed and replaced with either part of the stomach or colon. Esophagectomy is the best hope for a cure for some patients with esophageal cancer, and it can work even after other treatments have failed.

Patients from all over Florida seek out Digestive Health Institute’s advanced foregut surgeons Dr. Sharona Ross and Dr. Alexander Rosemurgy for their ability to provide minimally invasive surgery procedures. In most cases, Dr. Ross and Dr. Rosemurgy are able to offer minimally invasive esophagectomy, an approach that works just as well as an open procedure. Because it involves small incisions, minimally invasive surgery is easier on patients in a number of ways. While minimally invasive esophagectomy is still a major surgery, patients tend to have shorter hospital stays and faster recoveries than they would with a larger external incision.

Robotic Esophagectomy – Giving Patients a Minimally Invasive Option

Dr. Rosemurgy and Dr. Ross are accomplished in robotic-assisted surgery. Robotic esophagectomy involves several small incisions in the abdomen and small, robotic instruments. A tiny scope with a light and camera is inserted through one of these incisions so surgeons can see the surgical site. After surgery, patients are left with only a few small scars no larger than 8 mm long (roughly half the width of a dime) instead of a large abdominal incision of several inches.

Even when performed minimally invasively, an esophagectomy is a major operation. It will take a few weeks to fully recover, and patients can expect changes to their voices and digestive tracts while they heal. During their recoveries, patients will receive support from the Digestive Health Institute and instructions about how to progress from a thickened liquid diet to a normal diet as they are gradually able to tolerate larger quantities of food.

Because minimally invasive esophagectomy involves a faster recovery, many patients are able to begin the next portion of their cancer treatment sooner than they would after an open operation.

To view actual footage of these surgical procedures, please visit the PROCEDURE VIDEOS & ADDITIONAL RESOURCES page in the For Medical Professionals section of the site.

If you need esophageal surgery and want to see if a robotic esophagectomy is right for you, call for an appointment with a DHI foregut surgeon at 813-615-7557.



At DHI, we know that after being diagnosed with cancer, patients want and often need to begin treatment quickly. So we make it a priority to offer appointments for cancer surgery consultations within 5 business days, and often earlier. Our surgeons will make themselves available to see you right away, even for a second opinion.

Patients who are newly diagnosed with cancer, or have just found out they have cancer recurrence, qualify for this priority access. Our surgeons will make themselves available to see you right away, even for a second opinion. We want to help you start your treatment as soon as possible.

If you have been diagnosed with a cancer of the digestive system, don’t wait.
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